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Romani Platni is a community-based initiative that aims to dispel stereotypes and misconceptions about the Roma people, and in the simplest of ways: through delicious food!

Kitchens are places of joy. They are venues for family gatherings, get-togethers, parties, and many other happy occasions. Throughout history, kitchens have served as places where important decisions were taken, where many big ideas were born. Yet kitchens have also remained the best places for holding intimate conversations.

These simple ideas got us going at Romani Platni - we decided to create a place where we could discuss issues that are important to the Roma community over traditional Roma meals, prepared by members of the Roma community. We couldn’t imagine a better way to learn about the Roma people, to get to know their customs, stories, music and culture than by cooking together and sharing a delicious meal. Our small group, called the Romani Platni Anti-Discrimination Group, has set the tables, and we look forward to having you among our guests!

We hope to give our guests a taste of some of the wonderful Romani dishes that have been prepared in kitchens of Roma families for over 100 years. Our chefs are homemakers who know all the ins and outs of Roma cooking. They also treat guests to other ethnic foods. Come prepared to savor homemade cheeses and breads, and other mouthwatering delicacies!


1, Dining schedules and menus will be posted on our blog and on our Facebook page
2, Please send me an e-mail to romaniplatni@gmail.com to book a spot - spaces are limited, so booking in advance is a must!
3, We will sent you a confirmation e-mail


Romani Platni Private Dining is located in downtown Budapest on Tűzoltó street.

E-mail: romaniplatni@gmail.com

Web: romaniplatni.blogspot.com

 Facebook:  Romani Platni

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  1. Szeretném megkóstolni én is ezeket az ételeket.

    1. Várunk szeretettel bármelyik előre meghirdetett időpontunkban! Foglalás: romaniplatni@gmail.com